Szymon joined the company during probably the most intensive time in its history. Szymon’s hiring was a joint task between the Company Owners and Team members, and I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the hiring process. Without doubt, hiring Szymon was the best decision we could have ever made. Szymon was hired to build a new team from ground-up, from existing and new team members, and although being new to the industry and the company, he created the best team I could ever be a part of. Among many Szymon’s qualities, there is one dearest to me, the way he is able to instantly win over people is simply incredible. Additionally, he is the source of a positive, inspiring force that allowed us to power through any obstacles at work. His work was as transparent to the team, as possible. All of this wouldn’t be possible without excellent management skills Szymon was using in various areas such as Project Management, Team Management and Process Management. I can honestly recommend Szymon as he will be an invaluable asset in any team at any company. My only regret is that I was only able to work with him for just a little over a year.

Jan Praczyk DevOps enthusiast / SysOps

Without any doubt Szymon is absolutely the best Project Manager I ever met. He came to our company in quite difficult moment and thanks to his knowledge, intuition and courage he helped us to create our team from scratch and then he filled it with truly positive attitude and team spirit. Also while doing that he managed to improve our customer service, taught us a lot about customers perspective and expectations and greatly contributed to company success. Szymon is very flexible person, full of passion and he learns very quickly – he came to us from logistics company without any greater experience in IT, but this wasn’t issue for him, he learned fast and after month or maybe two he was already one of us. He always seeks for optimization, no matter if it’s related more to the customer or to the team, if some process can be done better, he will find it and not only point it out on a meeting but he always present a whole solution for the problem, and he is not afraid of tweaking his solutions to suit the team best. Also personally it is difficult to explain how much I learned from him. He always served with advices, always had a long term plan for me what I could learn next. Honestly only thing i regret is the fact that I worked with him for only little over one year.

Roger Budzynowski DevOps Engineer at NeuroSYS

Szymon is able to articulate proper conclusions even without full background information. He invests a lot in healthy relations with Customer. Honest and very aware about keeping confidentiality of Customer internal data. On top of that I need to mention that he has very friendly personality. Szymon is open, easy going and supportive.

Małgorzata Raczycka – Manager at PwC Poland, SSC and BPO Advisory

Szymon is really dedicated to his job, always focused on people: creating great and supporting work environment, identifying team members’ potential, encouraging and helping them to grow. As a manager, Szymon is also a person with lots of ideas and initiatives which he tends to implement and test empirically.

Marta Małecka – Head of HR & EB w Clearcode & Piwik PRO

I was pleased with the cooperation model we’ve developed — Szymon was providing me with accurate feedback in a timely manner. He always brought a draft solution with a problem that needs to be solved, which was always very much appreciated. Once he was on track with his team transformation, he took it upon himself to introduce new, valuable ideas to the entire organization. Most of them had a positive impact on company’s velocity & bottom-line.

Piotr Korzeniowski – CFO at Piwik PRO