Without any doubt Szymon is absolutely the best Project Manager I ever met. He came to our company in quite difficult moment and thanks to his knowledge, intuition and courage he helped us to create our team from scratch and then he filled it with truly positive attitude and team spirit. Also while doing that he managed to improve our customer service, taught us a lot about customers perspective and expectations and greatly contributed to company success. Szymon is very flexible person, full of passion and he learns very quickly – he came to us from logistics company without any greater experience in IT, but this wasn’t issue for him, he learned fast and after month or maybe two he was already one of us. He always seeks for optimization, no matter if it’s related more to the customer or to the team, if some process can be done better, he will find it and not only point it out on a meeting but he always present a whole solution for the problem, and he is not afraid of tweaking his solutions to suit the team best. Also personally it is difficult to explain how much I learned from him. He always served with advices, always had a long term plan for me what I could learn next. Honestly only thing i regret is the fact that I worked with him for only little over one year.

Roger Budzynowski DevOps Engineer at NeuroSYS